Marketing Master Reveals Why Most Sales People Perform Poorly

by DanD

Jeffrey Lant is a master marketeer. In “No More Cold Calls” he lists 30 avoidable errors that prevent most sales people and service companies from achieving their multi-million dollar goals. Here are the first five:

Avoidable Error # 1: You do not really desire to become a millionaire selling services

Most people say they want to succeed in reaching their financial goals and growing their businesses. But they do not do the small, necessary things to make this happen.

They are disorganized, passive, late in returning calls, undisciplined, uncaring toward customers. They lack  burning desire.

Lant says, “I now believe that most people are in business for social reasons, e.g. that it gives them something to do, someplace to go, and provides them with ready-made friends and associates and a daily structure.

Most just do enough to get by.

Instead, “success seekers after all are necessarily energetic, thrusting, active, imaginative, creative, often unconventional.”

“Desire is a fuel”. It detests passive environments. Small things are done right.

Avoidable Error # 2: You’re working for the sake of work, not to achieve the goal of financial independence

Most people spend their careers working hard, without concentrating on their life situation.

If you want to achieve your goals, you must number and structure your remaining time. If you are 25, you have 17,240 days until you turn 65. 1/3 of which will be spent sleeping. Vacation, down time, sick days … you get the picture. If you are older than 25 ….

Bottom line: you need to figure out your remaining work time and set a financial goal for a specific time. Written goals are essential to achieving anything worthwhile.

This will allow for the “weeding out” of all unnecessary or unimportant activities that will not help you achieve your goals.

Avoidable Error # 3: You don’t really want to help people

Building something does not mean they will come. Great programs, expert advice, new applications, good value  are no guarantee that people will perceive this to be the case.

As a service business owner, caring for people is not enough, “you must pledge yourself to doing everything that’s necessary both to make people aware of what you’ve got for them … and ensure they can avail themselves of it easily and conveniently. This is not merely the mark of a superb marketer … but of a truly caring human being.”

Avoidable Error #4 You have no annual dollar objectives

Business owners and sales people alike must find out if they are making progress toward their written goals. You may have a goal to be a millionaire, but if  asked to explain how operating processes and service offerings translate into reaching this goal by a specific point in time, you would most likely be less certain.

If you want to achieve your financial goals, you need to pull out a calculator and determine annual, quarterly, monthly financial objectives. What do you need to make per hour? Per day?

Avoidable Error #5 You don’t have financial objectives for each service you offer

This requires careful analysis of each service sector of your business. How much revenue does each sector generate? Are you just hoping or do you know what they will generate next quarter?

After each service sector has specific dollar objectives, you can plan appropriately. You will know if you can continue or if you need to alter operations or if you need to scale back.





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