The Forgotten Powerful Secret to Marketing that Sells

by DanD

How do the best marketing departments continually come up with original ideas that drive business growth and sales? It’s not because they have a faster internet connection or the most popular product lines. It’s because of their Attitude.

Attitude determines the nature of our relationships and the way we look at life. Your success in marketing is absolutely dependent on on the quality of your day-to-day attitude. In John C.¬†Maxwell’s book The Winning Attitude he quotes Thomas Edison:

There is much more opportunity than there are people to see it.

The question to ask is “if opportunity is for the taking, why don’t we see it?” Most likelyYou are getting in your own way…. Ask yourself how you typically react to setbacks or even small routine occurances on a daily basis.

Do you view obstacles as an opportunity for growth? How do you view your customers? Are they means to an end, or do you want to make their lives better?

Marketing opportunities abound, but they are fleeting. Top marketers rise to the top because they expect great things and they look for ways to meet demand before others anticipate it. Positive people are Go-Getters they do not concern themselves by considering if they have been treated fairly.

How can you change?

  • Ask God for help to think positively and reflect often on your blessings.
  • Treat each individual that you meet as more important than yourself and consider their interests above your own (Don’t worry if they do not return the favor).
  • Begin each task with a positive attitude no matter how mundane.
  • Look for ways to serve your clients and¬†partners… don’t wait for them to take the first step.

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