The Paradox of Social Media

by DanD

Marketing professionals have more ways to reach potential customers than ever before. Social media is now dominating the internet and changing how we communicate. Yet with all these tools: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogs, YouTube etc. there are two challenges that you must confront before you dive in: message & community.

Too many people think that once they set up a Facebook page or create a YouTube video customers will be knocking down the front and back doors. This is the classic “build it and they will come” fallacy. Well I hate to tip over that gravy train: social media requires deliberate planning.

Start by honing the message. Make it unique and an honest representation of what you have to offer. Then focus on finding out which communities online (Communities of Interest) want what you have to offer. 

Why is social media a paradox, well it’s like the ocean: “water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.” Social media, social media everywhere, but not a customer to behold.”

Honing your message means making it very specific and communicating why you are different from your competitors. This is the foundation of your value proposition.

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